Set Management

Guides for operating your Set as a Manager

Finding your Set

TokenSets Search

After creating your Set you are going to want to navigate to it's dedicated page on TokenSets. You can do this via searching the address, name or symbol in the search bar at the top of page and selecting your Set in the resulting list. Alternatively you can use this URL pattern to bookmark and navigate directly to the page:<set-contract-address>

For all the examples below we will be managing the $APE Set, which the contract address is 0x5cb21a4f27eda65263dba6d56f1b9a2406e97e02. Using the provided TokenSets URL format the direct Set page link is:

$APE Set Page

Managers Portal

Available Modules

The Managers portal on TokenSets is one way a Set Manager can interface with their deployed Set, allowing them to execute their strategy via trading amongst other features. When you first visit the Managers page you will need to enable the available modules to you such as Issuance, Fees and Trade. The UI will prompt you to do this and a low gas ethereum transaction is associated with each one.

Set modules only need to be enabled once via an one-time, low cost transaction on the Ethereum network

In this guide we will describe each module to best prepare you as a manager to run your Set.


The Issuance module, once enabled, will enable the Manager and Investor to be able to Buy, Sell, Issue & Redeem your Set, making this an important, core module in the contract. For more information regarding the process behind these actions, please take a look at the Buy & Sell Sets and Issue & Redeem Sets pages in the Investor documentation.

When you trade into a new asset not previously seen within your Set before, do check to enable that particular asset within the Issuance module so Investors can continue to interface with your Set

Issuance Module


As a Manager you can invoke a streaming fee within your Set as a method of monetizing your product to investors. The Fees module, once enabled is what enables you as a Manager to adjust the monisation model of your Set going forward and also collect accued fees from your Set Investors at any point in time.

Fees Module

Streaming Fees

The streaming fees are fees that are paid out to Set managers over time based on the entire market cap of the Set (e.g. 2% of market cap over 1 year). This incentivizes managers to increase the value of their Sets over time for their users.

The streaming fee is calculated linearly over the lifespan of the Set. For example, if a Set has a 2% streaming fee and 6 months haspassed, 1% of streaming fees would have been collected.


This section is covered under Set Trading