Set Protocol integration on Optimism
In this guide, we will briefly cover the following to give you a quick primer on why we are excited about our integration and how you can use Set Protocol on Optimism!
  • Overview of the launch
  • How to use Set Protocol on Optimism
As always, if you have a fascinating product idea on Optimism that you think will be very successful, submit your idea here to get in touch with us!


Our launch article covers best the rationale behind deploying on Optimism, here is the excerpt:
"Optimism is an EVM-compatible scalability solution for Ethereum that allows us to further scale adoption of our leading decentralized asset management infrastructure at a fraction of the cost whilst maintaining the security and decentralization benefits of Ethereum.
The ecosystem already boasts an array of DeFi primitives including AMMs, synthetic derivatives, options trading, binary options, and more. Over $400m of assets have been bridged from the base layer and protocols like Uniswap, Synthetix, Lyra, Thales, dHedge, Aave are already deployed with highly sought after projects like Curve and Olympus DAO planning to do so soon. In 2022 we expect a stream of projects onboarding onto Optimism to follow in the footsteps of others as volume and active users continue to increase which naturally creates a flywheel of activity.
With this in mind, as asset management infrastructure it’s one of Set’s missions to ensure we are unlocking Asset Managers in creating structured products during the early stages of a network's ecosystem so they can best capture and take advantage of any native assets, initiatives, or liquidity incentives that might arise. This is in addition to Optimism being a far more scalable environment for operations compared to Ethereum in terms of portfolio rebalancing and management."