Projects building on or around the Set Protocol ecosystem

Investment Products πŸ“ˆ

DAOs, funds and communities are creating the next generation of financial products in DeFi.

Applications πŸ’»

Building an application in the ecosystem that uses Set Protocol? Let us know!

  • Zerion - zerion.io | Integration for Set performance and charting

  • SetSwap - setswap.xyz | Structured products distribution platform

Networks 🌐



We partnered with Polygon to be able to offer the benefits of decentralised asset management with significantly faster and cheaper transactions.

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We deployed on Optimism to integrate with Perpetual Protocol, to expand our product suite into perps and virtual assets.

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https://www.avax.network Our Avalanche support brings Set Protocol to a chain with plenty of DeFi activity.

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We are backed by the best in the industry.

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