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Tracking Sets

Learn how to track Structured Products

Tracking Price

All Featured Sets display a historical price chart to view price performance and compositional changes over time. For example, if a Manager of a structured product decided to convert ETH into USDC yesterday, you can follow that change in composition on our Tokensets dapp.
DPI Price Performance Chart on Tokensets Dapp
If the Set you want to track has liquidity either on DEX or CEX's (e.g. DPI), chances are that it is chartable on the following products:
For Ethereum Sets, performance tracking is available currently on Zerion. The details page of each Ethereum Sets includes a link to Zerion.
$APE Price Performance on Zerion

Tracking APY

Yield-generating Featured Sets, such as the Basis Trading products on Optimism, display an APY calculation. The Primary APY at the top of the details page is a projection of annualized & compounded yield using the last month of performance data to estimate.
Other projections can be calculated by filtering by time-range; for instance, APY percentages can be calculated using the last 24H of price history, or the last 7 days, etc. In the screenshot example below, the Basis Trading Set traded up 0.91% in the last week, which results in an annualized calculation of 68.01% APY after reinvesting those gains.
Important Note: These projected calculations are NOT indicative of future returns. Projecting out past performance history will not predict future performance, especially on much smaller timescales, such as 1H.
Our APY calculation is computed as follows:
APY = {[(1 + (APR / N))^N] - 1} * 100 %, where
  • APR is the ROI of the product (based on past performance) over the entire year, and
  • N is the number of reinvestment periods in one year.
Projected APY %, which is displayed next to price performance, using 1W data

Tracking Changes

While it is the Set Manager's responsibility to provide proper communication regarding their product, it is wise to monitor the composition of the Set yourself. All relevant information can be found on the details page of a Set- some examples of useful information to check on are:
  • Set token price ($)
  • Asset allocations (%)
  • Set Streaming fee (%)
$DPI - TokenSets