DelegatedManager System

Self Service Manager Contracts

The DelegatedManager System automates the deployment of manager contract enabled SetTokens which are pre-configured to use a set of audited extension contracts that facilitate trading and management fee splitting. If you create your SetToken through the Tokensets UI, it will automatically use the DelegatedManager System.

The system:

  • Gives all SetProtocol users access to more sophisticated RBAC management features

    • For example, managers now can define unique roles for SetToken stakeholders (who can trade, who can update parameters, who receives fees, etc.) and adds the ability for SetToken managers to restrict their products to an allow-listed group of assets

  • Improves the security of SetTokens by binding their management to smart-contract logic, instead of binding management to an EOA

  • Allows SetProtocol users to update Manager-only fields directly from the UI using the Management interface

  • Is an open platform: Now anyone can write a global extension to help SetToken managers!

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