Connecting to Polygon

How do I access TokenSets on Polygon?

To help you along the way, we will cover the essential onboarding information:

  • How to move tokens from Ethereum to Polygon using Polygon Bridge.

  • How to access TokenSets on Polygon.

Moving tokens from Ethereum to Polygon

The first method to move your tokens over to the Polygon network is direct via Polygon Bridge.

The Matic Bridge to convert the assets in the wallet between Ethereum and Polygon (Matic) network.

Connect your MetaMask wallet on Polygon Bridge.

Input the amount you’d like to move to Polygon, click β€œTransfer” and then β€œContinue”. Below we are bridging ETH to the Polygon network so that we can invest in Sets on the TokenSets platform.

Once the transaction is sent, you will see the balance updated in around 10 minutes. This means that your tokens have been successfully transferred to the same wallet address under the Polygon network.

You should now see your bridged assets within your wallet such as MetaMask, there are also portfolio trackers that support Polygon assets such as Zerion & Zapper. Additionally, you should receive a small quantity of MATIC tokens provided by the Polygon team to support your first transactions on the Polygon network.MetaMask Browser Extension

How to explore Polygon Sets on TokenSets

Currently, we only support Metamask to access TokenSets on Polygon. To connect your MetaMask wallet, use the Sign In button at the top-right of the home page and unlock your wallet.

Switch the network you are connected to on MetaMask by clicking the network switch at the top of the extension window and selecting Polygon (Mainnet) from the dropdown list.

Need to add the Polygon network to MetaMask? Here are the RPC details below.

Network Name: Polygon


ChainID: 137

Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL:

After you are on the Polygon network and connected to TokenSets, click the network switch button on the navigation bar and select 'Explore on Polygon' to show Sets currently available on the Polygon Network.

You are now connected to Polygon on TokenSets! βœ… Now you can follow our existing guides below to start your journey, all with significantly cheaper transaction fees.


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