Deploying Strategies


Unlike SetToken creation and initialization, there is currently no UI for deployment of strategies. Therefore, asset managers must deploy manually using a tool like Remix or custom scripts.

For convenience, we have created a Set V2 Strategies Deployments repository to serve as a reference for developers. We encourage forking and customizing scripts in this repo for your own product instance.

Getting Started

  1. View the README which will contain most of the documentation on getting started.

  2. Fork the deployments repository. If you have modified any smart contracts in your own fork of the set-v2-strategies repo, you can link the packages together locally

  3. For each product instance you want to deploy, you must create constants, deploy and test files

  4. You can view an example setup for deploying a Perpetual leverage token on Optimism here. We will be continuously updating deployments with scripts that can be run to configure various products.

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