Connecting to Optimism

How do I access TokenSets on Optimism?

The easiest way to get started today in creating and managing your first structured product on Optimism is through our native dapp TokenSets. You will need ETH to facilitate transactions on TokenSets for creating a Set but also managing it going forward (rebalancing & accruing fees). The good news is that bridging to Optimism is very easy, below is a quick run-through of the native bridge over at

How can I bridge funds to Optimism?

Navigate to the Optimism Gateway, select the amount of ETH you would like to bridge over, and then click β€œDeposit.”.

You will then be prompted to confirm the deposit. Click β€œDeposit” and then confirm the transaction in your wallet. There will be a transaction fee associated with this, so try bridge when Ethereum network usage is low.

Once the transaction has been confirmed on Ethereum, it can take around 5–20 minutes for those funds to be accessible to use on Optimism. You are given the transaction links for both Ethereum and Optimism so you can track the progress.

Once your funds are available on Optimism, navigate over to TokenSets where you will find the ability to Explore Sets on Optimism from the dropdown menu at the top of the page. From here you can invest and create Optimism based Sets with your newly bridged ETH.


Now you are connected to TokenSets on Optimism, our documentation can guide you the rest of the way based on what your goals are. We can’t wait to see what you build!

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