Redeem Legacy Set

Redeeming a Set Manually

For this section, we’ll be using the RebalancingSetIssuanceModule smart contract to manually sell an ETH20SMACO Set. Redeeming a Set is the process of reclaiming a Set’s underlying components tokens back into your wallet. You can apply the following steps to any Protocol V1 Set.
  1. 2.
    At the top of this box, you will see a Write Contract Connect to Web3 field — click Connect to Web3 and approve the MetaMask prompt (if it appears) then click OK on the pop-up window. Once connected, the dot next to Write Contract will turn green
  2. 3.
    In the redeemRebalancingSet window pane, enter the address of the Set that you want to redeem into the _rebalancingSetAddress (address) field. For this example, we’ll use the ETH20SMACO address ( 0x9ea463Ec4cE9E9E5bc9cFd0187C4Ac3a70DD951D)
  3. 4.
    In the _rebalancingSetQuantity (uint256) field, enter the amount of ETH20SMACO Set that you would like to mint followed by 18 zeros (for example, 1000000000000000000 means 1 ETH20SMACO Set). All Sets have 18 decimal places, so you can assume issuance amounts will be the amount you want to issue times 10**18.
  4. 5.
    Enter true into the _keepChangeInVault (bool) field. This is to keep the collateral Set dust (fractions of a cent) from spamming your wallet. You will always be able to withdraw the dust anytime.
  5. 6.
    Click Write
  6. 7.
    Your ETH20SMACO Sets will be unwrapped and the underlying assets will now be transferred to the address you used to make the transaction.
Example Input