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1: Guides & FAQ's

The protocol documentation here has a wealth of knowledge for all types of users to get acquainted quickly. Whether you are an individual Investor looking to allocate capital into performance-proven products, an aspiring Set Manager wanting to create a structured product to offer to investors, or finally a Developer aiming to build a bespoke application on top of Set - you will find what you need to succeed here.
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2. TokenSets

TokenSets is a UI that enables interactions with the Set Protocol system via Web3. With it, anyone can get started creating Set strategies and interacting with their Sets. There are also consumer flows for your strategy customers to issue your Strategy. As features are developed, audited and deployed, the team will be adding them to TokenSets.

3. Index Coop

The Index-Coop is a cooperative focused on building the greatest products and financial building blocks. It is most commonly known for creating, maintaining, and growing the DeFi Pulse Index (DPI), powered by Set Protocol. If you're interested in launching a structured product and taking advantage of INDEX liquidity mining rewards, join the Index Coop today and apply for the Index Coop methodologist program.


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